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To Those Who Believe…

No Proof Is Necessary.


To Those Who Don’t Believe…

No Proof Is Possible.

About Us

We do not believe in ghosts, paranormal activities, or phenomenon...

But we don't disbelieve either...

We do, however, realize that there is much more to this world we live in then what we can see, feel, taste or smell.

It is our quest to understand these things, these "unseen" parts of our existence, that drives us to investigate.

Signs of the Paranormal

If you are experiencing one or more of the following, you might be experiencing paranormal activity.

Extreme Cold or Unusual Scents
Do you ever feel a draft when you walk into a room? Is one area of your home extremely cold with no explanation? Do you ever smell perfume or scents with no explanation?

These are common signs of the paranormal at work.​
Missing or Misplaced Objects
Do you ever reach for an item that you are certain is in a specific place only to find it missing? Do these objects appear in other odd places?

These are common signs of the paranormal at work.​
Shadows, Figures or Sounds
Do you hear people talking, whispering or crying when no one is near? Do you see shadowy figures, movement out of the corner of your eye, or ever see people in your home that vanish as quickly as they appear?

These are common signs of the paranormal at work.​
Electrical Malfunctions or Disturbance
Has your phone ever rung, only to stop the second you pick it up? Have you ever removed batteries from a device and it keeps working? Do items in your home turn themselves off and on at will?

These are common signs of the paranormal at work.
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Ways That We've Distorted
Paranormal Phenomenon

Let's face it. Between Ghost Stories, Internet Hoaxes and Movies, we've turned anything paranormal into nightmares and monsters.

The truth is there is nothing to be feared, and a whole world yet to be explored of unseen dimensions within our living space.

Internet & Media Hoaxes

Pictures and video are worth a thousand words...or are they?
The sophistication of photo and video editing software is so advanced - anything can be manipulated and distributed across the globe

Be skeptical, unless there are several methods of verification to substantiate the claim, like multiple witnesses or audio AND video evidence.


Although stories may have some basis in fact, for the most part folklore that has been passed around from generation to generation was usually a way for people to be controlled, not real experience.

Example: A child being told to stay in bed and go to sleep or the monsters under the bed will get you!
A nice way to keep kids from getting up, but not much more.


We love to be scared when we go to the movies. Again, although plots may be loosely based on fact, Hollywood employs special effects and CGI to ratchet up the level of fear.

A good case in point is the Amityville Horror. A very scary account of a family living in a haunted house - But a pretty boring visual for 2 hours without embellishment - which never occurred.


Paranormal activity is not an isolated incident. Look at the reported numbers across the USA. You can only imagine the numbers when you add in non-reported activity.

  • Ghosts and Apparition Sightings12986
  • Sound and Video Recorded Evidence9723
  • Reported Demonic Activity1471
If I feel a presence of the paranormal...


If things are occurring that you cannot explain in your home or workplace the more details of the disruption the better. Here's what you can do.

Photographs and Recordings

We've all got pretty good cameras these days. Our cell phones also have voice recorders.
When you collect evidence, note the time of day, what is occurring and who was there.

Multiple Witness Verification

There is not much you can do when you are alone, but if you can, gather a couple of other people to witness what you are experiencing.
Get them to give brief statements of their experience.

Call in a Professional to Assist

After you have done all you can, call in someone who is familiar with the paranormal to assist.
Our contact information is available by clicking the tab in the menu. Give us details about the nature of your experience.